How can I learn English (or any foreign language) fast?

gute englischkenntnisse

Learning a foreign language takes time, but is there a way to speed up the process?

Yes, there is — but let’s start from the beginning. You’ve decided to study English,
probably because you need it for work, travel, or simply because you have realised how important it
is these days. Perhaps you are a beginner, or maybe you can get by with the language, but would
like to speak better.

What’s the first thing to do?

If you’re already a student at SLA-Basel, then well done! — you’ve already taken the first
step. If not, it’s important to know that everybody has their own way of learning, so take a moment
to choose the best course format for you. An intensive course, or only once or twice a week? In a
group or a private course? These are all choices that will depend on the kind of learner you are, and
what level of English you already have.

Think about your past experiences studying, and try to work out how you’ll learn faster. Still unsure?

Then book a free trial lesson and let one of our teachers suggest a course plan which suits your needs!

Now that you’re taking classes, what else can you do to make sure you hit the level of
fluency you’re looking for as fast as possible? The answer is quite simple: just try to have as much
contact with the language as possible! The longer you spend in contact with English, (speaking,
listening, reading or writing), the faster you will learn. Today English is probably one of the easiest
languages to learn, not (just) because its structure is relatively simple, but because it literally is
everywhere! In a multicultural city like Basel I’m sure you can find English-speaking people to
have a chat with. Plus, the Internet is an amazing tool that will give you access to English
anywhere: reading the news, watching videos and just generally accessing websites that interest you
are great ways to boost your vocabulary.

And my personal favourite way of learning:

how about choosing one of the hundreds of TV series available in English today and watching two (or five)
episodes a day?

Small price to pay for fluent English in a short time, isn’t it?
Gustavo Grandi

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